Waddell Pneumatic Damper

Model 810-WPD

The Waddell Pneumatic Damper imparts simplicity, reliability, and performance to a myriad of air flow applications.


The WPD operates by inflating and deflating a series of elastomeric bladders, each encased in an air foil cover, which in turn controls the airflow through the damper to achieve the specified system performance. The bladders are inflated and deflated by control air pressure to achieve specified system performance. The air foil blades can result in low (0.05" W.G.) system pressure drops. The WPD also can control air flow against duct static pressure as high as 12" W.G. The WPD can be provided with factory-installed and tested control packages as an option.

These dampers are commonly used to control Room Pressurization through General Supply and General Exhaust applications, but are also currently being utilized in specialized exhaust applications, such as fume hoods / canopy hoods and snorkels. In General Supply applications, our WPD has been successfully paired with Reheat Coils.



The Waddell Pneumatic Damper is available in galvanized steel or stainless steel construction.  The galvanized steel construction includes aircraft grade aluminum air foils and EPDM rubber bladders.  The stainless steel construction includes stainless steel air foils and EPDM rubber bladders.


Applications and Benefits



  • Laboratories

  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • Office Spaces



  • Wide Performance Range

  • Low Maintenance

  • Simple, Reliable Design

  • Suitable for New or Existing Construction

  • Low Turbulence, Low Energy Loss, Low Noise Level



810-WPD Specification Sheet