Waddell Tubular Valve

Model 814-WTV

The 814 Tubular control valve is designed for spaces requiring very close and repeatable environmental conditions. In addition the performance is accurate and linear whether the valve is opening or closing.


The Waddell Tubular Valve is based on a formed blade with supplementary airfoil profiles added to the blade surface, minimizing dead spaces downstream of the blade. The airfoil blade modulates within an internal low loss orifice. This close spatial relationship between the modified blades and the orifice results in linear performance throughout the normal control range as well as no measurable hysteresis.


Additionally, the pressure drop and noise levels are very low – below other control valves used for critical air flow. The low pressure drop permits damper selection within ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines.

The Waddell Tubular Valve is suitable for both Constant Volume and Variable Air Volume (VAV) applications. These valves are currently being used in General Supply and General Exhaust applications, as well as specialized exhaust applications such as Fume Hoods / Canopy Hoods, Fuming Chambers and Snorkels. The tubular valves have been successfully paired with reheat coils and chilled beams in General Supply applications.



The tubular valve is available in powder-coated steel or stainless steel.


The axial seam is fully welded. Bearings are metal backed Teflon composite.  Closed cell insulation with smoke and flame spread rating of 25/50 is optional for supply valves.


Applications and Benefits



  • Laboratory Supply and Exhaust

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Clean Spaces

  • Containment Areas



  • Wide Performance Range

  • Electronic or Pneumatic Actuator

  • Proven Technology

  • Ease of Installation

  • Cost Effective



814-WTV Product Bulletin


Air Flow Performance With Internal Orifice




WTV Performance Sheets:


        4"                                   6"


        8"                                   10"


        12"                                 14"