Waddell Rectangular Valve

Model 816-RECV

The Waddell Rectangular Electronic Control Valve (RECV) is designed for accurate flow control to conserve space and to meet the very low energy consumption required by current building codes


The rectangular design is based on the time proven Waddell tubular valve.  The Waddell Rectangular Valve is designed to accurately control larger volumes of air, and has been used in applications where a rectangular cross-section is more advantageous than the round cross-section of the Waddell Tubular Valve. The rectangular blade is modified to include an airfoil profile.  Additionally this airfoil blade is mounted within an internal orifice.


The aerodynamic interaction between the airfoil profile and the orifice permits hysteresis free and linear performance from wide open to closed- off blade position, along with a very low pressure drop. Linear and hysteresis free performance are both critical when maintaining very close room volumetric offsets. 

The Waddell Rectangular Valve is suitable for both Constant Volume and Variable Air Volume (VAV) applications. These valves are currently being used in General Supply and General Exhaust applications, as well as specialized exhaust applications such as Fume Hoods / Canopy Hoods and Snorkels. The Rectangular Valves have been successfully paired with reheat coils and chilled beams in General Supply applications.



The RECV is offered in heavy gage galvanized construction or stainless steel. All seams are fully sealed against leakage.  


All RECVs include stainless steel averaging differential pressure probes. Bearings are self aligning and are metal backed Teflon composite. Closed cell insulation with smoke and flame spread rating of 25/50 is optional for supply valves.


Applications and Benefits



  • Laboratory Supply and Exhaust

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Clean Spaces

  • Containment Areas



  • Wide Performance Range

  • Electronic or Pneumatic Actuator

  • Proven Technology

  • Ease of Installation

  • Cost Effective



816-RECV Product Bulletin


816-RECV Specifications