Diamond Shaped Sensor

Model 863

Many buildings are designed with confined areas for mechanical equipment which often result in restricted spaces for duct systems and very uneven velocity contours. The 863 is a perfect solution.


A flow sensor which will average uneven velocities as well as accurately read very low flow rates will play a larger role in the design of critical systems.


Current technologies for low flow sensing are primarily based on a probe design but uneven flow contours will often pass above or below the probe resulting in undependable flow readings. Our solution is to use a proven averaging sensor with a very accurate transmitter and a post conditioning circuit to accurately read very low flow rates. 


The Waddell Diamond Shaped Sensor is available in all aluminum or stainless steel constructions. There are 8 available sizes from 4” up to 18” and include flow ranges from 28 cfm to 3900 cfm.




  • Containment Spaces

  • Clean Spaces

  • Space Pressurization

  • Research Laboratories



863 Product Bulletin