Fume Hood Monitor

Model 873-a

The Waddell Fume Hood Face Velocity Monitor is an accurate and dependable solution for real-time indication of fume hood performance with additional functions provided to ensure technician safety as well as close control of space conditions.


The monitor displays the fume hood face velocity, low-safe-high airflow LED graph, and provides audible alarms with operator mute function. Additional functions can be programmed including fume hood purge, night setback, and lighting.Colored LEDs indicate system performance at a glance: Alarm (RED), Caution (Amber), and Safe (Green).


Features and Benefits



  • Accurate 3-Digit Display

  • LEDs Show Hood Safety

  • Visual and Audible Alarms

  • Dual Units (FPM or m/s)



  • Operator Safety by Ensuring Hood is Safe for Use

  • Alarms on Low Flow Rates as well as High Flow Rates

  • Responsible Over Time



873-a Product Bulletin