About Us

Waddell Engineering Co. was established in the early 1970's in Riverside N.J. During these early years we worked closely with building owners, engineers and designers to provide specialized HVAC equipment. We continue to do the same today. Initially, we offered low maintenance and low noise tubular fans and compact Air Handling Units.


In the mid 1980's, we acquired the Connor Engineering Co (Danbury Connecticut) inventory, work in progress and some manufacturing equipment. We did not acquire the Connor name. Our initial shipments included the original Connor VAV diffusers, the Connor Pneumavalve (our Pneumatic Dampers) and the Connor sidewall grille.

We also manufactured our Pneumatic Valve as an OEM product for an eastern HVAC Control company from about 1988 until about 1996. Early in the 1990's we moved to Moorestown, New Jersey and refocused our product line from air handling products to precise airflow control and measurement devices. Currently, we specialize in meeting the critical needs of the Pharmaceutical, Research, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Electronic Manufacturing Industries.


With our interest in the design and development of new products, we have added application software, which will estimate damper velocities, noise levels, and control pressures. We also continue to develop "niche" software for specialized applications. Our support information is offered in English and Metric units for our world wide markets.


We are dedicated to the improvement of out existing products and software and to meet the expanding needs of our clients.