Newsletter - June 2015

Product Spotlight: HEPA Cart Air Flow Control System

Early in 2013, we had a special request from a client requiring a way to control airflow through a HEPA filtration system, as well as a means of calibrating the valve and adjusting the setpoint while in use in the field. Our solution was the HEPA Cart Air Flow Control System.

The Control System includes a controller that is factory programmed to maintain a constant volume based on a setpoint, a control enclosure which has a buzzer, emergency shutoff, mute button, and digital display, as well as a standard WTV valve with a factory mounted controller with integral actuator.

Since 2013, we have shipped over 50 of these specially designed HEPA Cart Control Systems worldwide.

What's New With Waddell?

It is definitely June here in South Jersey, as the weather has been in the upper 80’s and humid the past couple weeks. We finally had a break in temperature the past few days, which has been a welcomed change.

We have continued our research and development on our Low Leakage WTV, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. We are excited to share the results with you in the coming weeks.

We hope everyone has a fantastic start to their summer and hope you can find some time off to enjoy a vacation or trip to the beach.

Kind Regards,

Matt, Brian, Chip, Chuck, and Greg

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