Newsletter - September 2015

Model 868 – HVAC Transmitter

In a newsletter a few months ago, we previewed the Waddell 868 Airflow and Temperature Monitor. This product was designed at the request of the engineer for a large healthcare facility. The design goals were to measure, display, and transmit air flow rates, volumes, and temperatures with current cost-effective technology.

The internal components of the monitor include a high-accuracy (0.8%) differential pressure transmitter, a microcontroller, a display for flow/velocity and temperature, an integrated zeroing circuit, and terminals for analog output to a local or building control system. The enclosure is designed for easy wall mounting. Power requirement is 24 VDC.

We are very excited to begin shipping this monitor for our current projects. If you think you may have an application for the Waddell 868 Airflow and Temperature monitor or would like more information on this product, please visit our website or contact us.

What's New with Waddell?

The fall weather is finally beginning to show its face! We are glad to see the heat of the summer go away and welcome with open arms the cool fall air.

Here are some updates with our team: Brian is continuing his home renovation projects. Matt recently moved from South Jersey to Philadelphia. Greg and his wife purchased their first home last month. Chip and his dogs are looking forward to the fall weather for their morning walks. Chuck has been enjoying his weekends at the shore, and has been busy traveling to visit business friends.

We hope everyone had a lovely summer and had a chance to relax and enjoy some time with friends and family.

Regards, Matt, Brian, Chip, Chuck, and Greg

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