Newsletter - December 2015

We wish all of you good health and lots of good luck in 2016.

Looking back on the year, we have worked on some very interesting projects. Most of them have been developed in our on-site laboratory. These new variations were developed on the request of our clients to meet a special need. We try to listen to our clients when they ask for some special help.

Included are some pictures of some of our engineers working on some special projects. All of the projects shown have resulted in installations. Not all have been publicized. We are especially proud of our special electronics; an area which most airflow guys are not active.

Here is another thought: we will start sending to you some tips on what is a good close pressure control (laboratory) valve. When facing strong competitors, knowledge can be very persuasive.

Our regards for 2016,

Waddell Engineering Co. Matt, Greg, Chip, Brian, and Chuck

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